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Jiangsu SUMINZI Medical Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2021, is located in China Pharmaceutical City, a national pharmaceutical high tech Zone. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of related products in the field of infection control. A R & D team with many doctors and masters as the core has been established, and a new R & D center has been established in Shanghai. At present, a number of patents have been applied for.

Adhering to the concept of R & D as the first productivity, the company is committed to becoming a world-class supplier in the field of infection control. With the vision of "writing an infection free future in the whole life cycle", the company is determined to become a long-term strategic partner of global customers.

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The invention relates to an excimer sterilization lamp tube, a sterilization lam

A lamp tube forming tooling and excimer lamp