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Filtered far ultraviolet sterilizer (door)

Safer disinfection solution

SUMINZI?Filter far ultraviolet sterilizer (door)

Equipped with KrCl excimer module and special narrow wave band-pass filter, it only emits far ultraviolet rays in the band of 200 ~ 230nm, which is harmless to skin and eyes. Click here to learn more about SUMINZI.

  • Disinfection specification

    ·Peak wavelength: 222nm

    ·Full width at half peak: 2nm

  • Electrical specification

    ·Input voltage: AC 100 ~ 260V

    ·Rated power: 30W

    ·Lamp life: 5 years

    ·Service life of excimer light source: > 2000 hours

  • Overall specification

    ·IP class: IP20

    ·Ambient temperature: - 20 ° C ~ 40 ° C

    ·Ambient humidity: 5 ~ 85% (non condensing)

    ·Storage ambient temperature: - 20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

    ·Humidity of storage environment: 5 ~ 85% (non condensing)

    ·Warranty: 1 year lamp device

  • Mechanical specifications

    ·Product size: 2380mm × 1160mm × 700mm

Functions and advantages

Equipped with self-developed special narrow wave band-pass filter, the virus inactivation rate of up to 99.99% can be achieved

The disinfection coverage of each life purple air and surface is up to 17.55m 2

Comply with IEC / en 62471 and ACGIH UV exposure threshold (TLV) standards

Intelligent control system

Ready to use

No detectable ozone is produced

Not affected by ambient temperature

Environmental protection / mercury free

Frequent switching does not affect service life

Large production capacity


Medical and nursing facilities

Schools and other educational facilities

Government and defense facilities

Office space

public place


Cold chain and storage


Security inspection division

bank machine


Entertainment place

Shopping malls and supermarkets