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  • 01

    What are the advantages of SUMINZI over other disinfection technologies?

    It does not harm the skin and eyes, continues to be efficient, acts on the air and surface at the same time, is non heating, non-contact, non chemical sterilization, has no residue, does not rely on labor, and is not affected by the ambient temperature.
  • 02

    Why does SUMINZI use a short wave bandpass filter?

    Because the KrCl excimer module emits the ultraviolet spectrum with the central wavelength of 222 nm, and also emits ultraviolet rays in high hazard bands such as 235 nm and 254 nm. The special narrow wave band-pass filter can filter out harmful wavelengths and only transmit far ultraviolet rays in the band of 200 ~ 230 nm, so as to ensure the sterilization effect and do not harm the skin and eyes.
  • 03

    Can the SUMINZI only be installed on the 2.5-meter-high ceiling?

    No. The recommended installation height of SUMINZI is 2.5m-5m, but the sterilization effect is related to time and height, that is, 99.9% of the virus is also killed. The higher the layer is, the longer the time is required.
  • 04

    What is the scope of SUMINZI disinfection?

    If a sterilizer is installed on the 2.5m high ceiling, it can effectively disinfect a room of 4.5 × 3.9m.
  • 05

    Time required for SUMINZI to inactivate 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms?

    Depends on height and area. If a sterilizer is installed on a 2.5m high ceiling, it can inactivate 99.99% of pathogens in about 15 minutes .
  • 06

    Is the SUMINZI adjustable?

    Adjustable, 360 ° rotation and ± 45 ° tilt angle.
  • 07

    How long does the lamp in the SUMINZI last?

    It can be used continuously for more than 2000 hours.
  • 08

    Does SUMINZI produce ozone?

    It will produce a very small amount of ozone (ozone is not the bactericidal factor of SUMINZI, which works by filtering far ultraviolet light through 222 nm). The result of wide and micro measurement is 0.012 (mg / cm3) , Meet the standard value in of gb28235-2020 (ozone concentration < 0.1mg/cm3)。 A very small amount of ozone will be quickly decomposed into oxygen, which will not do any harm to human body.