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Why do you choose SUMINZI?

Harmless to skin and eyes


Sterilize air and object surface at the same time


inactive 99.98% Delta in 30s


Multiple application mode selection

The difference between the purple of life and the current commonly used sterilization lamp

  • Does not penetrate the cuticle of the skin

    The keratin transmittance of 222 nm ultraviolet ray is only 0.01%, which can not penetrate the cuticle of the skin, so it will not cause skin aging or skin cancer.

  • Does not penetrate the tear layer of the eyeball

    The transmittance of 222 nm long-term ultraviolet radiation to the cornea is only 0.01% or less, and will not penetrate the tear layer of the eyeball, so it will not cause keratitis or cataract.

  • Kill bacteria and viruses

    Relevant studies show that 222 nm far ultraviolet ray can effectively inactivate broad-spectrum microorganisms, and is superior to traditional 254 nm ultraviolet ray in inactivating bacterial spores.

  • DNA / RNA breakage

    he bactericidal effect of 222 nm filtered far ultraviolet rays is achieved by destroying the DNA / RNA structure of viruses and bacteria.

  • Special bandpass filter - Filters wavelengths harmful to skin and eyes

    KrCl excimer module emits the ultraviolet spectrum with the central wavelength of 222 nm. At the same time, it will also emit ultraviolet rays in high hazard bands such as 235 nm and 254 nm, which are harmful to the skin and eyes. The special narrow wave band-pass filter developed by life violet can cut off the transmission of harmful wavelengths and only transmit far ultraviolet rays in the 200 ~ 230 nm band, which are harmless to the skin and eyes.